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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Practical Jokes

Apparently my sisters think they can outsmart me. With food pranks. Me, fooled by a food prank? I think not. Let me explain to you the circumstances.

Prank 1
The Wax Ball Debacle

This is what my sisters tried to give me. As a white chocolate something? I don't really know what their plan was. But when Emily, who would normally withhold food from me even if I was dying, came running out into the hallway to give me a piece of candy, I knew something was up. Partly because the "piece of candy" looked, felt, and smelled like candle wax. Also, on the bottom, right angles were pressed into the wax from the candle holder. Nice try, but not smart enough girls.

Prank 2
The Oreo

Ahh, the Oreo. Last night, I heard Emily and Laura tried to trick me into eating the above Oreo.(It had Crest Nighttime toothpaste in it.) Now, keep in mind, I'm laying in my bed, doing nothing to bother them. The next series of pictures should explain what happened next pretty well.

I wasn't amused or fooled. If they want to fool me, they need to do a few things. First of all, they need to offer me food at times when they aren't trying to trick me. Lull me into a false sense of security.  Next, they need to not laugh when they try to fool. Coming in, barely holding back laghter while holding food is not a good way to start a prank.

And thirdly, they need to know what they started. I didn't want this war, I didn't start it. But, dear reader, I plan on finishing it.

They won't know what hit em,


  1. Well, let the war begin, can't wait for the next battle.

  2. THe Oreo had toothpaste in it. Those sneaky blighters.

  3. Ah, football rivalries and sibling rivalries. Good times.