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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Croissants and Cheese

This is what i had for breakfast on Sunday. Croissants filled with egg and Bulgarian cheese. I know what you're thinking and I'm way ahead of you.

This is what the cheese looks like. And the taste? It's salty, cheesy and overall very good, especially when cooked inside a croissant with egg.

Now you may be asking yourself, what is Phil doing eating Bulgarian cheese? Where is Bulgaria? What is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a former Eastern bloc country located north of Greece and Turkey. And my wonderful girlfriend A is from Bulgaria. Now, if you google image search Bulgarian women, this is what you get.

Why is she holding bullets? Who knows, I sure don't. If you read the travel guides, all she wants to do is drug you, beat you, rob you, and kill you. But more on that later. Thankfully, that isn't at all what my girlfriend looks like. Or acts like. She looks more like this.

In case you were wondering, A is the one in the middle. Duh. The best looking one of course. And she introduced me to the wonders of the croissant with Bulgarian cheese and eggs. But that isn't the only thing I've learned about Bulgaria and it's culture since I started dating her.

I've learned the being called a gypsy is apparently quite the insult in Bulgaria. I'm not really sure of the American equivalent. But I know it sure does tick Bulgarians off. I learned this watching the cultural documentary Borat with Alex, and hearing her laugh out loud as Borat politely asked a gypsy for her tears. She then told me about how insulting it is to be called a gypsy, which of course ended with me asking for her gypsy tears for the rest of the day.

I've also learned a lot from a good buddy of mine, Matt. He sent me a tourist preparation guide about Bulgaria, so I could prepare myself to meet A's parents. In a nutshell, this is what the tourist guide said.

"Everyone in Bulgaria belongs to the Bulgarian Church. And the Bulgarian mafia. And after dancing with you, and letting you buy them drinks at the local eatery, they will drug you, beat you, steal everything you own, and kill you."

Thankfully, this guide was wrong, as it turns out they will instead flirt with you, date you, and then introduce you to their culinary delicacies. I would say that the truth is much more fun in this instance, since I'll take and egg and cheese croissant over a savage beating any day.

And many thanks to A for letting me post her picture up here. And in case you were wondering what I look like?

That's me, in all my pride and glory. Comments about how lucky I am go below, and yes, that is, in my opinion, the most flattering picture of me that i feel like putting up here.


  1. Is that a lite beer the Bulgarian is holding?

  2. I'm wondering if you got that picture of the cheese from google, or if it was really displayed on the counter with the accent leaf. If so, I am a fan of the presentation and the nice counters.