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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Necktie

The Necktie.

One of the best things a man can wear. Put on a necktie, and you are immediately taken more seriously. You look better, you feel better, and put off a more serious air than those around you who are sans tie.  But a coworker of mine today violated a rule. He wore a pretied tie. Only two groups of people can wear clip-ons or pretied ties. They are as follows:
Police officers- for safety reason, no cop should go to work with a noose pretied around the neck, clip ons are accepted.
Children- They may not know how to tie a tie, or be able to resist untying what dad tied this morning at recess. For simplicity, a clip-on may suffice.

Everyone else should wear a hand tied tie. And it isn't very hard to tie a tie.

There you have it. Simple as pie. And damn good looking too. Now I could try to tell you what kind of tie to wear, what designs look best with what suit, or what patterns are correct for what events. That is all too complicated. Instead, I'll let you in on a little secret my father told me. And my father is a man who knows how to wear a suit and tie a tie. No one I know can do it better than him.

His rule is as follows: Red ties with blue dots, or blue ties with red dots.

There you have it. Any question on the right color? Nope he only has two colors. Is this pattern to wild for a business meeting? He only has one pattern, dots. Will this match my suit? Red and Blue match every Navy blue or black suit ever made. Will I look good in this tie? My Dad does, and when I follow his rule, I like to think I do too.

This isn't to say I always follow this rule. I have some ties that do have diagonal stripes. I even have a tie called Twisted Machine from Collection 14. Its a crazy hippie tie designed by Jerry Garcia.

But whenever I'm in doubt, whenever I'm not sure what tie I should wear? I always think of one thing.

Red tie with blue dots, or blue tie with red dots.

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