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Monday, November 8, 2010


Saturday. What a day. My girlfriend and I drove into the lion's den that is New Jersey. We both made it out alive. Her parents were very nice, built the house they live in, and are both excellent cooks. And they like to hike. The visit couldn't have gone better in my opinion. Here is a brief exchange between my girlfriend and I that affirmed everything I was thinking.

Me- "So, did your parents like me?"
A.- "Well, they didn't speak Bulgarian at dinner, if they hadn't liked you, they would have started speaking Bulgarian."
Me- "Nice."

So the visit went well. I wasn't that nervous about meeting her parents. A is a great girl, and I really get along well with her, so I had a good feeling about meeting her parents. Here are some other highlights of the trip.

While at her house, I watched Joe Paterno, a God amongst mere mortals, win his 400th game as head coach of the Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lions. Congratulations, Joe, you earned it.

For the first time in my life, I saw a coyote. It was in a field, pretty far away from me, but still, I was impressed. I'm glad i got to see it, I've never seen a predator bigger than a fox in the wild before.

Sunday, funday, was work day. I worked my second job at CVS, developed some cool pictures, dealt with some customers, and then went home.

The Eagles won, there was a fight in the NASCAR race, and the Dallas Cowboys sent a JV high school team to play the Packers in Green Bay, and ended up losing 45-7. All told, it was a pretty good weekend. It's always nice when Dallas loses.

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