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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


But not the kind you're thinking of. Not the kind you give to a family member when they're leaving. Or the awkward kind you give to someone when you want the handshake, but they are a lot more touchy than you. No, I'm speaking of course of the Hug:

The greatest drink you ever had in 3rd grade. And i know what you're thinking. Phil, you are an adult, working in an office. What are you doing drinking Hugs when you should be drinking coffee, or mainlining Red Bull and 5 hour Energy? The answer is simple. I'm in a 3rd grade beverage war. Maybe the best part of 3rd grade.

Well, actually the best part of 3rd grade was trading for Pringles. But the second best part was having a cooler drink than everyone else. And my liquid nemesis? Troy. He even has the name of that kid you competed with in high school, and since he always beat you in dodgeball, you had to beat hmi on your turf. The lunchbox. But Troy came prepared. He came with this:

Well played good sir. So here we are. Two culinary contestants in the cafeteria. Two watery warriors. Two sipping soldiers.

And who wins? In a battle between these two classic drinks, who can tell. I leave it up to you, gentle readers, to decide who wins the battle, while I fight for all that is good in hugdom.

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