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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
and everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow.

-Coldplay, Yellow

Yellow is a great color. The more I look around me the more I realize that i see yellow pretty much every day.  And yellow is always the color of awesome things. You start the day off with yellow.

Nothing says yellow like a balanced breakfast of eggs, pepperoni, onions, garlic, and peppers. And yes, I cooked that beautiful creation myself.

Then you arrive at the office, and you realize that yellow is pretty much everywhere. Post-It notes, pencils, that woman who always wears those ugly yellow shirts. Even the crane they use to lift a new HVAC unit onto your roof.

And let me tell you that was one big crane. Unfortunately, the next day, the building across from ours had a bigger crane than we did. Stinking Cigna, always trying to one up us over here. They already have a lot more people than we did, did they have to take away our crane too?

Then you get home, and you realize you can never escape yellow. You park your car, get out, and this is the tree that you see.

And you drift off to sleep, exhausted from a yellow day. You drift off thinking, what could I possibly see tomorrow that could make all this yellow seem silly?

You wake up the next day, get in your car, and see this.
 I realize the picture is small, but this is what the license plate says. And no, not yellow. Get that thought out of your head. It says. D8 B8. Thats right. Date Bait. So all of you ladies out there looking for a man, I've found your guy. Or at least his truck.

Thank God it wasn't yellow.

And all jokes aside, take some time today to thank a veteran. It's November 11th, Veterans Day, Armistice Day, The 92nd anniversary of the end of THe War to End All Wars. Wherever you are, thank those who have fought, and continue to fight to keep us safe. Here is the only yellow that really matters today.

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  1. This post was great, but that license plate took the cake. I wonder if its ever worked for him?