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Friday, November 5, 2010

New Jersey

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to the bastion of sin and debauchery that is New Jersey. Yes, that's right, your beloved author will be traveling to the armpit of America. And what or who could possibly convince me to visit a state I'm not even sure you're allowed to say out loud without cracking a joke?

My lovely girlfriend.

Thats' right, tomorrow I will be visiting my girlfriend's parents for the first time. Not only will I be meeting them for the first time, I will also be the first boyfriend that my girlfriend brings home to meet her parents. Now normally, I'm what most would call money under pressure. And meeting the parents shouldn't be too tough of an obstacle for someone like me. But what would this post be without another twist.

They are immigrants from Bulgaria. That's right fair readers, I have to meet parents, for the first time, as the first boyfriend brought home, from a culture I know nothing about. The average man would cower in fear at this proposition, but not me. I've been reading up on Bulgaria, I like to think I now know next to nothing about Bulgaria, instead of absolutely nothing.

So, my friends and readers. Wish me luck. I have no fear, but I might be just a little bit nervous.

I mean come on, I'm meeting her parents. Who wouldn't be nervous?

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