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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's been a while

And I'm not even sure any of you are still reading this blog. If you are, here is a little post a buddy of mine and I were talking about. The top 5 movies of all time. Ignore those other lists from critics, movie experts, and Patrick Stoner. This is the real deal.
1. Top Gun

i don't think any explanations are necessary. And no, I won't resize the picture. Top Gun is that important.

2. Saving Private Ryan

A classic. Robbed of best picture by the classic everyone has seen, Shakespeare in Love, this movie has gone on to more fame, make more money, be better recieved by critics and audiences, and is the only movie that makes me cry.

3. Remember the Titans

Come on. I have to include a sports movie, and Denzel in this list. This does both of those things at once, and in a great movie to boot.

4. Fight Club

This is a guy's movie. Fighting, explosions, mayhem, and doing whatever the hell you want. what's not to like?

5. 300

Again, a great guys movie. War, sacrifice, duty to home, family, and country. Every guy who sees this movie is just a little bit jealous that they weren't there to be a part of one of the greatest battles in history.

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