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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Past Week

So. I'm back. Sorry for the long absence again, I promise I'll be better. But I spent the end of last week and weekend with the wonderful A, in a city I had never been in before,

THE BIG APPLE!! New York City. It was pretty fun. We saw the Rockettes, Times Square, the big Tree at Rockefeller Center, China Town, Little Italy, The Stock Exchange, Central Park. Overall, it was a hell of a lot of walking. And I took pictures too! I promise. But I took them with this:

A great camera to be sure, but one filled with film. Yes, i used a film camera. So to get all those pictures, I need to get them developed. Which takes time. So when I get those pictures I will write and extensive recap of my trip.


And to my loyal followers, thank you for sticking through me thick and thin. All 9 of you make me feel like my ramblings are listened to by at least 3 of you on any given day.

And to my potential 10th follower? Sign up now and win a prize*!!!!!!!

And that is my post making up for the lack of recent posts. Hope you like it, I'll write a better one tomorrow.

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  1. film is great as long as you buy the kind stores will still develop. anything that can physically be developed in a home dark room, HAS to be developed in a home dark room. stores can't do it. it's a pain, because I don't have a home dark room, but i have a lot of film left from my photography class =/

    also, the Rockefeller tree is my favorite!!