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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Something I've always wondered

I'm 6'7". I'm the tallest person almost everyone I know knows. I tend to stick out in a crowd. and everywhere I go, everyone I meet says the exact same thing.

"Wow, you're tall."

Now, normally I just thank the person for the compliment. In my head when I hear, "Wow, you're tall" what I really think they are saying is, "My god you are the most stunning looking man I have seen in days."

Of course I'm right. I am the most beautiful looking man they have seen in at least hours. Also the most humble. But I have a problem. How do I respond to these glowing compliments? I feel as though a simple thank you will no longer suffice. How can I subtly respond to people, and give them the same ego boost they give to me when they tell me how amazing looking I am?

I'm stumped. Thank you is no longer good enough. will, "why thank you, I think you are also stunning as well" work"? what about, "You are almost as good looking as me, thank you for the compliment."? There is also the classic, " Oh stop, you're making me blush."

Which should i use? Help a stunningly good looking, incredibly humble, guy out.


  1. at 5'11", I'm pretty tall for a woman, so I get that a lot too. I usually just say something like "I know, right?" or "yeah, well... I've been growing this body for 21 years."

    I once had a guy working at Subway tell me I was wasting my God-given talents by not playing basketball. I think the assumption that anyone tall should therefore play basketball bothers me more than the obnoxiously obvious, yet simple, "you're tall."

  2. well, I bet someone you know would like to confirm that height measurement if you allow that.

  3. My doctor told me this summer... I thought I was 5'10" until he was like yep you grew MORE, congrats!