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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Room is Clean

And so are the streets. Well at least the driveway. It snowed today, and so I got my butt out there and shoveled my driveway and my neighbors. Before you ask, yes, I was alone. And yes there was approximately 1to 2 INCHES of snow. I know, a terrible fate for one so young. So after 20-30 minutes of shoveling, I decided to sit down and write a post. Nothing fancy, just a quick post. I figured I would tell a couple of snow stories. Here they are.

1. Best Snow Shoveling Comment Ever.
I was shoveling snow this past storm right after Christmas. After getting done with our driveway, my Dad and I hurried over to help our older neighbor(He's about 80). I ran up to him, because he was pushing the snowblower, and told him not to worry, I would take it from there. He responded with possibly the best quote I have ever heard while shoveling.
"No, I'll be fine. I just get chest pains when I push this thing"
I know. I thought the same thing. Just chest pains? Of course I grabbed the snowblower from him and finished his driveway for him. As minor as chest pains are, I'd rather not take a chance in the middle of a snowstorm.

2. My dog disappears
When we got my dog, we got her February. A great month, and that year, a snowless one. But a mere 10 months later, in December, we got a pretty big snow. 15 or so inches. Rosie(the dog) had never seen snow before. She ran right off our back porch into the snow. And promptly sank in up to her neck. She looked around bewildered, then discovered that this was the best stuff ever, She hopped around as only a dog can, and came in about an hour later, so called that snow had frozen in little balls all over her fur.

3. That All I Got
That's all folks, tune in tomorrow for something not as topical as what happened to me this morning.

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