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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Is Coming

And yesterday, after an exhausting afternoon of decorating, I finally feel like I am in the spirit. Not only was I wearing a wool sweater while I decorated, but it was also freezing cold here in Pennsylvania. And decorate I did. I put up all kinds of stuff. My main accomplishment was putting candles in the upstairs windows.

Now despite the rest of my family just laying around while I slaved away, putting candles in all 3 of the upstairs windows, somehow, our house looks ready for Christmas. My Mom chipped in a little bit, decorating the entire downstairs of the house. Sure that involved placing almost 100 Santas, a tree decorated with lights and balls in our new bay window, and decorating our doorway with wreaths, garland and more Christmas balls.

But it wouldn't all be tied together without those 3 candles upstairs. Just sayin.

Basically our house looks like this. But would it look as good without those top floor windows lit up? I don't think so.

The only thing left to make it feel like Christmas is Christmas shopping. And I don't know if I'm ready for that quite yet. I've been out on Black Fridays before, mostly for the people watching, not for the deals. And though I have seen some crazy scenes on Black Friday:

I've only participated in the shopping aspect once. And I have to believe that it only gets worse the longer you wait to buy presents.

Plus I have to think of something for a 22 year old and 14 year old sister. Which is tough. And a 24 year old girlfriend.

I know how to cook dinner. I know how take a girl out. I know that I see every Harry Potter movie with my little sister Emily first, even if she does try to feed me candle wax and toothpaste. But one thing I can't do? Choose a present for a girl.

So if anyone out there reading this has any ideas.


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  1. Oh there are plenty of things I want! I'm not that hard to shop for. I'll give you a detailed list if you would like.

    And way to go decorating the house. It just wouldn't look as good without your efforts.

    Oh wait.

    Yes it would.