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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recently, at my House...

First off, let me say, I hate ellipses. I mean, really, who even uses them anymore? I don't know any real application for them...

But in other news, an exercise machine was just purchased and put in the Schwarz basement. This is what it looks like.

Essentially. Now, upon viewing this you probably realize that the whole point of this machine is to exercise your abs by placing your knees on the black cups, holding on to the handles, and swinging back and forth.

You would be dead wrong.

The true workout from this machine, and it is harder than you would imagine, is getting on and off. It is not exactly the most balanced machine, and the knees cups swing side to side. So getting on and off is like trying to kneel on top of a horse and getting your knees in the stirrups.

I suppose you could try to exercise by swinging back and forth, but only if you have the endurance of a marathon champion, since it takes about 3 hours to get on and off this thing.

Or does it....


  1. Haha that looks ridiculous, I can imagine that it's difficult to manouver

  2. My girlfriends parents recently got one, and i tried it out and it was actually quite difficult to use. So worth a try.