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Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Spring Again

You can always tell when Spring is really here. At least I always can. You can have your warm days, your rain showers, and plants growing from bulbs. Maybe you even see your first dandelions. But it isn't really Spring until you break out one tool.

The lawnmower. And I had to mow yesterday, for the first time this Spring. The first of what I'm sure will be many times this year. I used to absolutely hate mowing the lawn. What is there to like about it? It's hot, sweaty, dusty, boring work. But somebody has to do it.

Now though, I really don't mind the whole mowing the lawn thing. Well, I mind it in the heat of August. But yesterday it wasn't too hot or dusty. And I listened to the radio while I mowed, so I wasn't that bored either.

And besides. It's always nice to know Spring has finally sprung.


  1. what an awesome time of year this is !!!!

  2. Urgh, here in FL we need to mow the lawn almost once every week if not more due to all the rain and sunshine.

  3. Mowing really isn't bad until you have to push the mower up a steep incline and that's when I hand it over to my brother.

  4. They should outlaw grass. It's evil stuff.

  5. Cant wail till i can put the jacket away for the season.

  6. I could tell it today! It just smells different. Suddenly things are alive everywhere and the world smells fresh. I guess that's what necessitates the lawn mower ^_~