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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Wednesdays are something no man enjoys. Or woman for that matter. Especially Wednesdays at the end of a billing month, the weekend before Halloween. Everyone knows what is about to start. One of the best weekends of the year. A weekend where sugar becomes money, and costumes become the norm. Kids are excited for candy and trick or treating. Adults are excited for the parties that come after the kids go to bed. And my weekend is no different.

Although, thankfully, with no kids, my party will start early. Unfortunately, that party is still 4 days away. So here I sit, in a cubicle, wishing i was outside. Leaves are chagning, weather is getting colder. Perfect time to be outside. Insteadd, a cubicle, some flourescent lights, and bills to distribute. And Halloween to think of.

Which, by the way, will be awesome. I plan on going as an unemployed pirate. Because in this economy, every costume is funnier when its unemployed.

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  1. Yeah unemployment is funny until it's you that's unemployed.