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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at Work

Halloween at work is going to give me a perfect training ground to try out the new costume. How bad is my pirate accent? How easy is it to use a pirate hook designed for a 12 year old all day. Why doesn't my hat fit? How much duct tape does it take to keep a raven on my shoulder? All these questions are of vital importance, and will be answered today. And as an unemplyed pirate, I must have a resume. I mean, come on, I need a job at some point, maybe a well written resume would help:

Captain Schwarzbeard
123 Shipwreck Cove

I be looking fer a job, on yer ship.

Work Experience

Captain Morgan
I was employed as a quality control expert fer Captain Morgan
I helped deliver barrels o’ rum all over these parts

Cap’n Crunch
I was hired as deck hand fer Cap’n Crunch
I hauled in the sails, while Crunch hawked the goods

Captain Morgan- He put a little Captain in me
Admiral Nelson- Taught me to act, even when I hit rock bottom
Cap’n Crunch- taught me how to cook, cut people’s mouths with my cooking.

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